Crawford Woods Residential Development, Cork

Crawford Woods is a development located in close proximity to Glanmire village and Cork City Centre offering the residence a rural setting while also benefiting from an abundance of local amenities. The layout is a direct response to the site topography and the surrounding views that are generated as a result. Generous separation distances are provided between dwellings which helps retain and enhance the rural nature of the site. The materiality of the scheme is a key part of its character with natural stone incorporated to reflect the surrounding area and embed the development into the context in which it is set.

Heathfield Residential Development, Cork

The Heathfield development of 210 dwellings has been designed to make optimum use of a sensitive site within Ballincollig. The layout has been arranged into distinct character areas which create smaller home zones within the overall development. The scheme has been informed by the natural topography and historical features on the site. The large central open space was previously occupied by a Ring Fort and a generous buffer zone has been incorporated to provide protection to this historical element. This feature has influenced the layout in a positive manner creating ‘The Crescent’ which helps root the development into the existing context.

Maryborough Ridge Residential Development, Douglas, Cork

The Maryborough Ridge scheme is characterised by the creation of distinct areas which form smaller neighbourhoods within a single development. These neighbourhoods are formed by creating clusters of housing around generous open spaces and by varying elevational treatments and material choices to define each area. The layout consists of 198 dwellings, comprising a range of apartments, duplex apartments and housing which provide a good mix of unit types for the area. The scale of development is in keeping with the existing housing surrounding the site which helps the scheme tie into the grain of the area in which it is located.

Other Residential Projects